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RECOVRR system outperforms conventional pain treatments.
Life-changing results.
30-day money back guarantee.

Watch how Michael's pain level dropped by using RECOVRR WATCH VIDEO
Watch how Michael's pain level dropped by using RECOVRR WATCH VIDEO

Fast, long lasting pain relief

Arthritis / Rheumatism

Shoulder Arthritis

Arthritis / Runner's knee

Arthritis, tennis / golf elbow

Joint sprains, heel spur & muscle pulls

Tight neck and shoulders

RECOVRR: Don’t just block pain. Recover and resume your activity.

The RECOVRR Anti-Pain Starter Kit is a complete regeneration and anti-pain treatment. The ActiveBooster wand deeply infuses active ingredients of the Anti-Pain Gel deeply into the tissue. RECOVRR is a high-tech treatment for personal use anywhere.

The advantages of the RECOVRR ActiveBooster wand

  • infuses active and vital anti-inflammatory ingredients into the deepest layers of the tissue close to your muscles, and joints where they can work to their full potential
  • increases the absorption of ingredients of anti-pain products and intensifies their effect and efficiency
  • stimulates the metabolism in the tissue & increases the blood flow
  • immediate results – Pain is often noticeably reduced in one treatment within less than 2 minutes
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany since 2015 and distributed in over 30 countries

RECOVRR Anti-Pain Starter Kit for only $389.00


Life-changing results

Here's what our customers say

Michael suffers from chronic hip pain (Arthritis): "I'm able to golf which I wasn't able to previously, I've resumed working out which wasn't an option before... the sharpness of pain has gone away."

Marie suffers from rheumatoid arthritis: "The pain level dropped by doing it morning and evening. I just had to keep reminding myself to do it because it wasn't painful anymore!... I was shocked that there was that much of pain drop."

The Magic of RECOVRR

Without RECOVRR ActiveBooster wand: Active ingredients remain on the top layer of your skin

Most pain relief gels only penetrate the top layer of your skin, however, the active ingredients are not absorbed for maximum results. RECOVRR ActiveBooster wand promotes absorption and enables the anti-inflammatory ingredients to achieve their full potential.

With RECOVRR ActiveBooster wand: deeply infuse ingredients & regenerate tissue

The benefits:

  • Deep infusion of anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Promote blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin
  • Increases cellular metabolism aiding in cell repair and regeneration

Boost the effectiveness of RECOVRR Anti-Pain Gel with deep infusion

RECOVRR is one of the most effective over-the-counter pain treatments available. It uses deep infusion combined with topical anti-inflammatories to deliver fast results against pain.

The 100% organic RECOVVR Anti-Pain Gel penetrates deeply promoting regeneration. It supplies joints and muscles with nutrients and antioxidants and revitalizes them.

Whereas pain cream/gel applied onto the skin only penetrates the top layers of skin, in most cases this is not deep enough for very effective anti-pain results. By using the ActiveBooster wand you can improve the effectiveness of the Anti-Pain Gel or any other anti-inflammatory product by up to 50 percent.

Using the RECOVRR ActiveBooster wand increases the effectiveness of any anti-pain gel. Because the Recvorr deliver the active ingredients deeply into the skin close to the muscles, and joints. Pain relief pccurs more rapidly. Pain is often noticeably reduced in one treatment on less than two minutes.

RECOVRR Anti-Pain Starter Kit


Additional values: #1 Share with your family •• #2 use on pets

Only the surgical grade stainless steel head touches the body of the user. The stainless steel head is self-sterilizing while the plastic case of the device can be easily cleaned.

Easily counter the most popular joint and muscle pains of your pet

Relief from: • Inflammation • Sprains • Strains • Arthritis • Neck pain

RECOVRR Anti-Pain Starter Kit