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CleanyTeeth for Dogs 3-sided Brush Heads


This package contains
2x 3-sided Replacement Brush Heads.

✔  The 3-sided Brush Head is effective for medium-sized and large dogs.

✔  It cleans all surfaces of your dog’s teeth in one pass: You will be able to clean your dog’s teeth within 30 – 45 seconds.


CleanyTeeth for Dogs Brush Head Replacement Heads 3-sides

  • One piece is included in the CleanyTeeth for Dogs Starter Kit.
  • Please replace the Triple Brush Head every three months. Even if the bristles do not look worn or bent, the cleaning effect gets worse with use.
  • For the dental care of small dogs, we highly recommend the use of our Single-sided Brush Head.

How the 3-sided Brush Head works:

The 3-sided Brush Head cleans all surfaces of your dog’s teeth in one pass

Designed and made in Germany.