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Dog teeth cleaning with ultrasound

Watch the videos to see how the toothbrush works

(In the US the product name is Mira-Pet)

Dog teeth cleaning step-by-step

  • Familiarize your dog with the dog toothbrush slowly and reward with treats.
  • Place the CleanyTeeth for Dogs toothpaste gel onto the brush head.
  • Distribute the dog toothpaste onto the surfaces of your dog‘s teeth simultaneously removing any large food particles.
  • Turn on the CleanyTeeth device.
  • Gently place the brush head against the teeth – without applying pressure for 3 seconds per position. Move to the next position after holding in place for 3 seconds.
  • Run brush head under water and let it run for 5 seconds before turning off.

See how easy and fast Ultrasound Cleaning works