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CleanyTeeth for Dogs Toothpaste


Specially formulated for Ultrasound

✔  Dog-friendly toothpaste gel that is specially formulated for the Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush

✔  This package contains 3x tubes
(3 x 75 ml/2,54 fl oz)

✔  Apple flavor


CleanyTeeth for Dogs Toothpaste Gel differs from regular toothpaste:

  • it cleans with billions of nano bubbles (see image below)
  • it doesn’t contain any abrasive particles, because they are not required for cleaning with ultrasound.
    Benefits: • No irritation of gums • No damage to the enamel.
  • it is formulated especially for the conductivity of ultrasound waves
  • it can be digested by dogs (food-grade ingredients)

The difference in the toothpaste is in the billions of microscopic nano bubbles that are created when used in combination with oscillations. The nano bubbles, roughly 150x thinner than a human hair, work through the smallest crevices on the enamel, clearing away any microscopic particles.


The use of CleanyTeeth toothpaste is mandatory for proper cleaning with the CleanyTeeth dog toothbrush.

  • Regular toothpaste is not able to create nano bubbles for a perfect conductivity for CleanyTeeth.
  • If ultrasound waves permeate the gel or the foam inside the mouth, billions of nano bubbles are created in milliseconds.
  • These fine bubbles cavitate and implode, to be recreated repeatedly by ultrasound as long as the CleanyTeeth is turned on.
  • The sheer number of these nano bubbles and their superb agility let these bubbles reach everywhere inside the mouth, anywhere on a tooth’s surface, into crevices and in between teeth.