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CleanyTeeth for Dogs Toothpaste (10 tubes)


Dog Toothpaste specially formulated for Ultrasound

✔  Dog-friendly toothpaste gel that is specially formulated for the CleanyTeeth dog Toothbrush
✔  The use of this toothpaste is mandatory for proper cleaning with the CleanyTeeth dog toothbrush.
✔  10x tubes (10 x 75 ml/2,54 fl oz)
✔  Apple flavor


CleanyTeeth for Dogs Toothpaste Gel differs from regular toothpaste:

  • it cleans with billions of nano bubbles (see image below)
  • it doesn’t contain any abrasive particles, because they are not required for cleaning with ultrasound.
    Benefits: • No irritation of gums • No damage to the enamel.
  • it is formulated especially for the conductivity of ultrasound waves
  • it can be digested by dogs (food-grade ingredients)