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The CleanyTeeth patented toothbrush surpasses your sonic electric toothbrush

Why CleanyTeeth is superior? WATCH VIDEO
Why CleanyTeeth is superior? WATCH VIDEO

CleanyTeeth: Highly effective against inflamed gums & tartar buildup

Why CleanyTeeth Ultrasound is superior for teeth cleaning

Ultrasound removes plaque/tartar and destroys bacteria

  • Cleans with 1 million oscillations
  • Cleans deep into gum pockets
  • Destroys bacteria and germs
  • Improves blood circulation in gums
  • No moving or vibrating brush heads
  • Very gentle for enamel and gums

CleanyTeeth delivers cleaner teeth and healthier gums

CleanyTeeth is superior:

  • Whitens teeth, reducing stains & discolorations
  • Reduces bad breath for up to 12 hours
  • Cleans bacteria causing cavities
  • Cleans in the narrowest interdental spaces
  • End of life battery replacement

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Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend it to everyone

“… after I started using the CleanyTeeth system, my dentist was surprised to see a significant difference in the amount of plaque build-up. (…) He also noticed no further recession in my gum line. Needless to say, he was very surprised. (..) I highly recommend it to everyone.”

David Hochstadt, USA

Amazing feeling

“My feeling after using the CleanyTeeth for the first time was unique, indescribable. It was absolutely amazing.”

Ananda Gekeler

Significant reduction in gum inflammation

“The patients have shown a significant reduction in gingivitis and also a significant reduction in pocket depths. (…) I recommend this brush especially for patients who have periodontal problems that include peri-implantitis …inflammation around implants… …because this brush provides added value to these patients.”

Daniel Wagner, Dentist DDS

The antibacterial deep cleaning solution

The CleanyTeeth technology:

  • Cleans faster & deeper than any other toothbrush
  • Reaches into interdental spaces and gum pockets
  • Plaque/tartar removal and prevents new buildup
  • Promotes the self-healing process of gums

See why CleanyTeeth is superior over other cleaning methods


Superior to your current toothbrush

Removes the cause for bleeding gums and inflammation quickly

The best protection for implants (effective against Peri-Implantitis)

Stain removal: whiter teeth for smokers

No more bad breath – lasts up to 12 hours

Easily cleans teeth underneath wires and near braces and brackets

Double Whitening: up to five shades in four minutes. With baking soda, no peroxide.

CleanyTeeth Starter Kit and Supplies

CleanyTeeth Starter Kit Silver

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CleanyTeeth Annual Supply Pack

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CleanyTeeth Starter Kit Rosé Gold

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Learn more about our ultrasound toothbrush for dogs

CleanyTeeth for Dogs: Silent & motionless tartar removal for dogs

  • Best Dental Care Product 2018
  • Effective against plaque/tartar, gum inflammation, and bad breath in dogs
  • Stress-free for dogs
  • Home-use without anesthesia