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Life Enhancement products and Dental Cleaning Technology

Techmira, Inc. is a life enhancement product company that utilizes ultrasound technology to elevate the way one cares for oneself from skincare to dentistry to overall wellbeing.

Manufactured in Germany, where standards are among the highest in the world, Techmira develops premium, state-of-the-art devices, and unmatched formulations to optimize one’s beauty routine. In 2017, Techmira launched its first two innovative product lines, Mira-Skin and CleanyTeeth/Mira-Teeth.

Ultrasound Technology

Based on ultrasound technology, Techmira is taking the device market to a new level when it comes to consumer experience, product efficacy, and technological function. Ultrasound technology enhances product efficiency by allowing active ingredients to penetrate more deeply while being gentler on the skin and gums. Through the process known as phonophoresis, ultrasound pushes vital ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, not only yielding maximum results but also improving blood circulation and stimulating new collagen synthesis.


Mira-Skin brings state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to facial devices, bringing skincare benefits of a luxury spa treatment into the comfort of your own home. The Mira-Skin collection features the ActiveBoost wand that uses gentle ultrasound technology to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. One million oscillations per second deliver safe, efficacious ingredients deeper into the skin as effectively as possible to lift and firm for incredible results. – See more…

CleanyTeeth (in US: Mira-Teeth)

CleanyTeeth revolutionizes oral care with the Ultrasound Toothbrush and Ultrasound Toothpaste Gels that harness soft ultrasound technology for a deep antibacterial cleaning and a tooth whitening effect. Gentler than traditional oscillating brush heads, CleanyTeeth is gentler on gums, as the ultrasound technology allows for no rotating or swiveling brush heads to irritate already receding gum lines. The combination of Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel’s formulation with CleanyTeeth’s technology release billions of air oscillations sweeping through enamel’s smallest crevices to deliver noticeable results.

CleanyTeeth for Dogs (in US: Mira-Pet)

CleanyTeeth for Dogs revolutionizes dental care for dogs. The CleanyTeeth Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush prolongs the lives of dogs. Our goal is to provide dogs with anesthesia-free dental care that everyone can carry out stress-free at home (in a couple of minutes per treatment). See more…