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Seven advantages over your toothbrush

Learn about unique benefits of CleanyTeeth

Advantage 1: CleanyTeeth removes tartar and stops gum bleeding

Bleeding gums?

You use the best electric / sonic toothbrush but you still have bleeding gums. And your dental hygienist always complains about tartar buildup around the gum lines.

CleanyTeeth removes the cause of bleeding gums and periodontitis

CleanyTeeth eliminates the bacteria causing bleeding gums and plaque/tartar. Your current manual or electric toothbrush only cleans where the bristles reach. CleanyTeeth ultrasound waves penetrate the tissue and achieve a truly deep clean in the gum pockets stopping the formation of plaque/tartar.

Advantage 2: Gentle to gums and enamel – without abrasion

Sonic electric toothbrushing irritates the gums and can damage the enamel

CleanyTeeth improves gum recession

Each day you use your electric toothbrush you irritate your gums which leads to more gum recession. CleanyTeeth is so gentle that it improves recession over time. You will see the gums reverting back to normal by 1 – 3 millimeters.

CleanyTeeth prevents abrasion of the enamel

CleanyTeeth does not utilize abrasive particles at all to clean because the ultrasound itself destroys bacteria. Therefore it is much gentler and you do not damage the enamel.

CleanyTeeth provides the most gentle teeth cleaning

Watch this video to see how gentle CleanyTeeth is cleaning.

  • CleanyTeeth Toothpaste contains no abrasive particles; it cleans with nano bubbles
  • Motionless: No rubbing, no scrubbing brush heads

Advantage 3: Protects implants & integration with the jawbone

Are you afraid of Peri-Implantitis and loss of implants?

With a regular toothbrush, it’s impossible to clean the inside tissue (gum) and gum pocket surrounding the abutment. Bacteria residing there can cause inflammation and bone loss over time. Your implant will become unstable and you’ll lose it.

CleanyTeeth avoids bone and implant loss caused by inflammation

CleanyTeeth is the only toothbrush that truly deep cleans in gum pockets surrounding the abutment. Daily implant protection has never been easier.

Advantage 4: Whitens your teeth up to 5 shades in only 4 minutes

Enjoy the pleasures of life without regret?

Nicotine, coffee, wine, tea, and food leave stains and discoloration on your teeth.

CleanyTeeth delivers outstanding whitening with baking soda and without any peroxide

The CleanyTeeth Toothbrush and CleanyTeeth Toothpaste lighten or remove stains and discoloration completely without using aggressive chemicals. Whitens and cleans simultaneously.

Even greater results are achieved with the additional CleanyTeeth Double Whitening Gel which is compatible with the CleanyTeeth device. It delivers up to five shades wither teeth in four minutes.

Peroxide-free Whitening Kit


Advantage 5: Fastest performing Toothbrush

CleanyTeeth cleans all teeth in 60 – 90 seconds

CleanyTeeth has a wide sphere of cleansing. It cleans beyond the field of bristles. It only takes 60 – 90 seconds to clean the whole mouth.

The 3-sided Brush Head reduces cleaning to 45 - 60 seconds

The 3-sided Brush Head cleans all teeth surfaces in one pass.

Single-sided Brush Head and 3-sided Brush Head yield equal results. However, the 3-sided Head is 2/3 faster.

Advantage 6: Stops bad breath for up to 12 hours

You desire long lasting fresh breath?

In 85 percent of cases, bad breath is a result of poor oral hygiene.

CleanyTeeth destroys bacteria that cause bad breath

CleanyTeeth technology has the unique ability to remove bad breath for a long period. It removes the cause for bad breath. Bacteria is destroyed on teeth, in the smallest crevices, and in gums pockets.

Advantage 7: Easily cleans teeth underneath wires and near brackets

You have difficulties to clean underneath wires or near braces?

CleanyTeeth easily cleans teeth with braces and brackets

Metal wires block brushing with sonic electric toothbrushes or manual brushes. Mira-Teeth is motion-/ rotation-free, metal wires cannot block CleanyTeeth. Ultrasound cleans away bacteria and residue even in close proximity to the bracket.

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