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What is ultrasound?

Gentle air vibrations/oscillations, not audible, not visible and not perceptible.

Does ultrasound have harmful effects?

No. The ultrasound generated by Mira-Pet is not comparable to the „hard“ ultrasound used by dentists and veterinarians. Versions of the technology have been used on humans for over 20 years.

How long lasts the warranty?

The warranty is two years. It is possible to buy the third year of warranty.

Is nano bubbles = micro-plastic?

Absolutely not. We don't use plastic, micro-plastic, micro-sized plastic within any of our toothpaste or cosmetic products. We don't use any abrasive ingredients either.

Will the Mira-Teeth work with any toothpaste?

Using the special Mira-Teeth toothpaste gel is mandatory for proper cleaning. Regular toothpaste does NOT create the nano bubbles. Special ingredients inside the formulation are responsible for a perfect conductivity. If ultrasound waves permeate the gel or the foam inside the mouth, billions of nano bubbles are created in milliseconds. These fine bubbles cavitate and implode, to be recreated repeatedly by ultrasound as long as the Mira-Teeth is turned on. The sheer number of these nano bubbles and their superb agility let these bubbles reach everywhere inside the mouth, anywhere on a tooth’s surface, into crevices and in between teeth.

How many uses on the single and three-sided brush head before it should be changed?

Each brush head can be used + - 30 times. The brush head needs to be changed when the bristles begin to fray and bend.

How to change the brush heads?

Changing the brush heads is easy. Please see section "Customer Service" for Video explanation. You'll find it in the footer.

What is the estimated life of the product (rechargeable handle)?

The estimated life of the product is + 5 years.

Where is Mira-Teeth manufactured?

The factory is located in Germany (Black Forest) within 250 kilometers of Frankfurt.

Is there a version for pets?

Yes, Techmira produces the Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush. It is effective against plaque/tartar, gum inflammation, and stinky breath in dogs.