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Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Gel 3-pack


Specially formulated symbiotic Mira-Teeth toothpaste gel. Without abrasive particles.
WITHOUT fluoride. Free shipping!


Specially formulated symbiotic Mira-Teeth toothpaste gel. This gel is very different from regular toothpaste because it does not contain any abrasive particles at all. These particles are not required when cleaning with ultrasound. No abrasives in the toothpaste protects the enamel when cleaning. A major problem of electric toothbrushes today is overbrushing with too much pressure which wears down enamel over time and irritates gums daily.

Using the special Mira-Teeth toothpaste gel is mandatory for proper cleaning. Regular toothpaste does NOT create the nano bubbles. Special ingredients inside the formulation are responsible for a perfect conductivity. If ultrasound waves permeate the gel or the foam inside the mouth, billions of nano bubbles are created in milliseconds. These fine bubbles cavitate and implode, to be recreated repeatedly by ultrasound as long as the CleanyTeeth is turned on. The sheer number of these nano bubbles and their superb agility let these bubbles reach everywhere inside the mouth, anywhere on a tooth’s surface, into crevices and in between teeth.

Free of Gluten, Glycerin, Triclosan, & SLS

Mint flavor. WITHOUT fluoride.

Free shipping!