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Seven advantages over your current toothbrush

Learn about unique benefits of Mira-Teeth

Advantage 1: Mira-Teeth removes tartar and stops gum bleeding

Bleeding gums?

You use the best sonic electric toothbrush however your gums still bleed. And your dental hygienist always complains about tartar buildup at your gum lines.

Your current manual or sonic electric toothbrush only cleans where the bristles reach, bristles cannot reach inside bleeding gum pockets to clean.

Mira-Teeth removes the cause of bleeding gums and periodontitis

Mira-Teeth eliminates the bacteria causing bleeding gums and plaque/tartar. Mira-Teeth ultrasound waves destroy bacteria and clean every tooth surface as well as penetrate the tissue thus achieving a truly deep clean even inside the gum pockets. This effectively stops or reduces the formation of plaque/tartar and the gum inflammation is reduced.

Advantage 2: Gentle to gums and enamel – without abrasion

Sonic electric toothbrushes irritate the gums and can damage the enamel

Mira-Teeth reverses gum recession

Daily use of your sonic electric toothbrush irritates your gums which enhances gum recession. In contrast, Mira-Teeth is so gentle that it improves recession over time. See the gums revert back to normal by 1 – 3 millimeters.

Mira-Teeth doesn't damage the enamel

Abrasive particles are the active ingredient of most consumer toothpaste, they can abrade/damage the enamel and gums.
Mira-Teeth toothpaste gel does not contain abrasive particles at all because the ultra-gentle ultrasound itself cleans and destroys bacteria.

Mira-Teeth provides the most gentle teeth cleaning

Watch this video to see the gentle cleaning performed by Mira-Teeth

  • Motionless brush head: No rubbing, no scrubbing on enamel nor gums
  • Mira-Teeth Toothpaste contains no abrasive particles; it cleans with ultrasound waves and nanobubbles

Advantage 3: Protects implants & enhances jawbone integration

Are you afraid of Peri-Implantitis and loss of implants?

With a conventional toothbrush, it’s impossible to clean the inside tissue (gum) and gum pocket surrounding the abutment. Bacteria residing there can cause inflammation and bone loss over time. Your implant will become unstable and you’ll lose it.

Mira-Teeth avoids bone and implant loss caused by inflammation

Mira-Teeth is the only toothbrush that truly deep cleans in gum pockets surrounding the abutment. Daily implant protection has never been easier. A number of dentists confirm an increase of jawbone mass around implants.

Bone destruction and reduction

Inflammation risk around abutments is high. If this inflammation isn’t stopped, bone reduction and destruction may occur (Peri-Implantitis = loss of implant).

Mira-Teeth promotes bone regeneration

Mira-Teeth technology not only counteracts bone resorption, it promotes building of bone due to increased bloow flow in the gums (view one patient example showing bone mass increase in the period from the end of 2017 to mid-2020)

Advantage 4: Whitens your teeth up to 5 shades

Enjoy the pleasures of life without regret

Nicotine, coffee, wine, tea, and food leave stains and discoloration on your teeth.

Mira-Teeth delivers outstanding whitening using baking soda & without any peroxide

The Mira-Teeth Toothbrush and Mira-Teeth Toothpaste lighten or remove stains and discoloration completely without using aggressive chemicals. Cleans and whitens simultaneously.

Even greater results are achieved with the additional Mira-Teeth Double Whitening Gel which is compatible with the Mira-Teeth device. It delivers up to five shades whiter teeth in a few minutes.

Peroxide-free Whitening Kit


Advantage 5: Fastest performing Toothbrush

Mira-Teeth cleans all teeth, gums and tongue in 60 – 90 seconds

Mira-Teeth features a wide sphere of cleansing beyond the field of bristles. It only takes 60 – 90 seconds to clean the entire mouth.

The 3-sided Brush Head reduces cleaning time to 45 - 60 seconds

The 3-sided Brush Head cleans all teeth surfaces in one pass.

Single-sided Brush Head and 3-sided Brush Head yield equal results. However, the 3-sided Head is 2/3 faster.

Advantage 6: Stops bad breath for up to 12 hours

Embarressment insurance for your breath

In 85 percent of cases, bad breath is a result of poor oral hygiene.

Mira-Teeth destroys bacteria that cause bad breath

Instead of masking your breath with an aromatic mouthwash use Mira-Teeth to kill germs and freshen your breath for up to 12 hours.

Advantage 7: Effectively cleans teeth underneath wires & near brackets

Do you struggle trying to clean teeth and gums covered by wires or braces?

Metal wires block brushing with sonic electric toothbrushes or manual brushes.
Family members can be uncomfortable almost all the time struggling to keep their teeth clean from food, plaque/tartar, and bacteria.

Mira-Teeth effectively cleans teeth with braces and brackets

Mira-Teeth works motionlessly. The brush head is rotation-free, metal wires don’t hamper the cleaning results from Mira-Teeth. Ultrasound cleans away bacteria and residue even in close proximity to the bracket.

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