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Periodontitis and resulting diseases

Mira-Teeth protects your health unlike any other toothbrush

Don’t let bacteria harm your body

Understand how dangerous dental bacteria enter your blood stream

1: The danger: Inflamed and bleeding gums (Gingivitis, Periodontitis)

Not removing plaque and tartar regularly leads to gum inflammation. The gums build pockets of bacteria. Bristles of manual or sonic electric toothbrushes cannot reach inside these gum pockets to clean away the bacteria. The inflammation continues and worsens.
Your body reacts to an untreated inflammation by shrinking the jawbone, and as a result teeth will be destabilized and your dentist will have to pull these teeth.

2: Bacteria from inflamed gums can enter the bloodstream and infect organs

Inside an inflamed and bleeding gum pocket, bacteria may mix with blood and thus get into the bloodstream. An infection inside the body engages the body’s immune system, suppresses it against new attacks, and may infect and harm organs over some length of time.

According to the latest Studies of the German Society for Periodontology the following health issues can result from inflamed gums:

  • diabetes and osteoporosis (bone loss)
  • pregnancy risks (e.g. premature birth)
  • chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, pneumonia
  • apoplexy
  • cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction

3. Cleaning with Mira-Teeth destroys bacteria and promotes self-healing of the gums

The bristles of regular and sonic electric toothbrushes cannot reach into the gum pockets to clean away bacteria, an existing inflammation won’t be stopped.
Only the ultrasound technology from Mira-Teeth is effective in destroying and removing bacteria inside the gum pockets. Mira-Teeth acts quickly against gum inflammation and gradually removes existing tartar. Mira-Teeth accelerates the self-healing mechanism of the body by promoting increased blood flow in the vessels of the jaw gum tissue.

4. Healthy teeth and gums may lead to a longer and more comfortable life

Healthy gums don’t bleed. Without plaque, tartar, and gum inflammation, bacteria cannot reach into the bloodstream = No infection of organs from dental bacteria, a major risk for organ failure is avoided.

Protect your health with Mira-Teeth!


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