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Mira-Teeth – Ultrasound Basics

Ultrasound – what is it?

  • Ultrasound is a vibration; it is sound waves higher than the upper audible limit of human and pet hearing
  • Ultrasound is no different from ‚normal‘ (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans and pets cannot hear it
  • Ultrasound is used in a wide variety of applications for cleaning glasses and jewelry and e.g. for medical areas, wound repair, and imaging
  • The ultrasound in Mira-Teeth is tuned/engineered for perfect oral hygiene, cleaning teeth, and killing germs and bacteria

Hard ultrasound vs. soft ultrasound

Mira-Teeth uses soft ultrasound to deep clean teeth & gums

  • hard ultrasound = low frequency and high power used for destruction of tartar/calculus in dental practices
  • soft ultrasound = high frequency at very low power used in the case of Mira-Teeth

Ultrasound in medicine

The medical field has created many applications of ultrasound.
The best-known uses are…

  • The antibacterial effect, destruction of micro-organisms
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the tissue
  • Promotion of regeneration processes
  • Promotion of wound healing

What is special about Mira-Teeth nanobubble tooth gel?

Mira-Teeth tooth gel cleans everywhere, reduces tooth wear

Mira-Teeth Tooth gel is specially formulated:

  • This gel is different from regular toothpaste because it does not contain any abrasive particles. These particles are not required when clean­ing with ultrasound.
    No abrasives = no wear, protect the enamel.
  • Regular toothpaste does not create nanobubbles. Ultrasound waves permeate the gel or foam inside the mouth, billions of nanobubbles are created in milliseconds. These bubbles cavitate and implode, to be recreated repeatedly by ultrasound. The sheer number of nanobubbles along with their superb agility cause these bub­bles to reach and clean everywhere inside the mouth.

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