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Advantages of Mira-Teeth Ultrasound compared to other devices

This toothbrush is unlike any other

Mira-Teeth (Soft Ultrasound)

  • 60.000.000 oscillations per minute
  • surface & deep cleaning in gum pockets
  • cleans in the narrowest interdental spaces > Floss less often
  • reduce & prevent gum & implant abutment inflammation
  • gradually remove existing tartar
  • improves integration of implant and jawbone
  • full mouth cleaning: 60 – 90 seconds

Manual & sonic electric toothbrush

  • 20.000 – 30.000 oscillations per minute
  • cleans only tooth surfaces
  • NO deep cleaning in gum pockets
  • MINIMAL reduction of gum inflammation
  • daily flossing required
  • NO protection for implants
  • full mouth cleaning: +/- 3 minutes

Hard Ultrasound (Scaling by dental hygienist)

  • 50.000 oscillations per minute
  • metal tip removes plaque & tartar
  • NO real prevention: After deep scaling of gum pockets at your hygienist, the new formation of tartar starts immediately.
  • in contrast: By using Mira-Teeth daily, you prevent or dramatically reduce new plaque and tartar buildup and gradually remove existing tartar

Hear the gentleness

Cleaning with sonic electric brushes versus with Mira-Teeth Ultrasound

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