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Double Whitening Gel


Instantly whiter teeth, apply whitening gel with Mira-Teeth device

✔ 15ml Whitening-Gel in a pump container
✔ good for about 20 sessions
✔ color chart to compare before & after


Whiter teeth in a few minutes: achieve results with teeth whitener and Mira-Teeth Toothbrush.

Gentle, safe and peroxide-free
Easy to use at home (no LED, no dental trays, no waiting)
No side effects

• brighten teeth up to five shades whiter
• Up to 5 levels brighter in 2 sessions of 2 minutes each.
• No waiting, no fuss, no bother, whiten without peroxide!
• The natural way to whiten and brighten your teeth
• unique combination of active ingredients
• pH-value: 6.5 (corresponds to pH-value in the oral cavity of 7)
• developed by a renowned dentist and expert
• the solution based on a baking soda formulation