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The Mira-Teeth patented toothbrush surpasses your sonic electric toothbrush

Why is Mira-Teeth superior? WATCH VIDEO
Why is Mira-Teeth superior? WATCH VIDEO

Mira-Teeth: Highly effective against inflamed gums & tartar buildup

Why Mira-Teeth Ultrasound is superior for teeth cleaning

Ultrasound removes plaque/tartar and destroys bacteria

  • Cleans with 1 million oscillations per second
  • Gradually removes existing tartar
  • Cleans deep inside gum pockets
  • Destroys bacteria and germs
  • Improves blood circulation in gums
  • No rotating brush heads
  • Very gentle for enamel and gums

Mira-Teeth delivers cleaner teeth and healthier gums

Manufactured in Germany since 2017 • Patented technology

Mira-Teeth is superior:

  • Whitens teeth by reducing stains & discolorations
  • Reduces bad breath for up to 12 hours
  • Kills bacteria causing cavities, inflammation
  • Cleans teeth, gums and tongue
  • Effective in the narrowest interdental spaces
  • End of life battery replacement service

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Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend it to everyone

“… after I started using the Mira-Teeth system, my dentist was surprised to see a significant difference in the amount of plaque build-up. (…) He also noticed no further recession in my gum line. Needless to say, he was very surprised. (..) I highly recommend it to everyone.”

David Hochstadt, USA

Amazing feeling

“My feeling after using the Mira-Teeth for the first time was unique, indescribable. It was absolutely amazing.”

Ananda Gekeler

Significant reduction in gum inflammation

“The patients have shown a significant reduction in gingivitis and also a significant reduction in pocket depths. (…) I recommend this brush especially for patients who have periodontal problems that include peri-implantitis …inflammation around implants… …because this brush provides added value to these patients.”

Daniel Wagner, Dentist DDS

The antibacterial deep cleaning solution

Mira-Teeth technology:

  • Cleans faster & deeper than any other toothbrush
  • Reaches into interdental spaces and gum pockets
  • Plaque/tartar removal and prevents the new buildup
  • Promotes the self-healing process of gums
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany since 2017

See why Mira-Teeth is superior over other cleaning methods


Superior to your current toothbrush

Quickly removes the cause of bleeding gums and inflammation

The best protection for implants (effective against Peri-Implantitis)

Stain removal for smokers, wine and coffee/tea drinkers

No more bad breath – lasts up to 12 hours

Easily cleans teeth underneath wires and near braces and brackets

Double Whitening: up to five shades in four minutes. With baking soda, no peroxide.

Mira-Teeth Starter Kit and Supplies

Mira-Teeth Starter Kit Silver

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Mira-Teeth Annual Supply Pack

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Mira-Teeth Starter Kit Rosé Gold

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Ultrasound toothbrush for dogs – same technology

Mira-Pet: Silent & motionless removal of tartar and bad breath for dogs

  • Best Pet Dental Care Product 2018
  • Effective against plaque/tartar, gum inflammation, and bad breath in dogs
  • Stress-free for dogs: no motion or sound
  • Home-use without anesthesia

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